Discover Magical, Mystical Morocco on a School Trip

The school trip has become an increasingly valued part of the national curriculum and with the world opening its doors to travel the opportunity to take groups of students on educational trips is endless. Taking students out of their familiar classroom environment broadens minds, introduces new experiences and encourages motivation and renewed enthusiasm. While theory and learning through textbooks has its place, there is nothing quite like putting a subject or a concept into context and considering it from a three dimensional perspective.

On a school trip, students are taken out of their comfort zone and gently encouraged to push their boundaries and question their preconceptions. There is no better way to learn than by experience. Alongside the educational advantages of a school trip, students are also given the chance to develop socially and personally, interacting with new cultures and conversing differently within their peer group.

There are wonderful travel companies that organise excellent school trip packages to some very exciting destinations across the world. All subjects are covered, all ages catered for, and all requirements taken into account before the trip is finalised.

What to See in the Diverse Country of Morocco

Morocco is magical and there is no other word for it. A place of exotic sights, smells, tastes and sounds, this country is captivating in every sense. Morocco is a developing country and one that embraces its past with great honour while tackling the future with marvellous vigour. In Morocco, students will have ample opportunity to compare the society, economy and community with that more familiar to them.

From the ancient Medina of Marrakesh to the tourist beaches of Essouria, from the incredible mountains of the High Atlas to the nomadic Berber culture of the lowlands, Morocco is a country of contrasts.

Beginning in Marrakesh students will be able to get a real feel for the Islamic culture that presides here. Divided into two parts, the city has a new, more European district called Gueliz and the ancient Medina, which is the historical part of the city. The two areas are pulling in different directions and while the Medina is made up of a labyrinth of tiny alleyways, exotic looking jewellery shops, snake charmers and spice stalls, the new district is distinctly more modern with flashy malls, high rise banks and branded shops.

The souk in the medina is the largest in the world and is a fascinating place to spend an afternoon. The Museum of Marrakesh has some wonderful artefacts while the Koutoubia Mosque is also worth a visit. Known as The Red City, when you walk around the city walls of Marrakesh you soon understand why.

From Marrakesh visit the Agafay Desert and consider how the nomadic people of this land have had to embrace a more settled life in order to survive. Behind lie the Atlas Mountains and the enormous Lake Takerkoust, which is seven kilometres long. Students will have a chance to consider the importance of irrigation and hydro electricity when they learn about the reason for the lake’s existence.

Morocco has so much to offer eager students on a school trip. From the stunning landscapes to the underlying political and economic issues, and from the rich history to the deep-seated religious influences, students will have plenty to explore, much to question and lots to take back to the classroom.

Global Travel International Business Review

According to statistics, almost half of the American population accounts to the nations travel expenditures whether it be local or international destinations. You as a travel enthusiast should have likely heard about the Global Travel International business opportunity.

Before you go out and make a decision to join the Global Travel International business you have to be well informed. By knowing how GTI (Global Travel International) actually works you are at an advantage to make a calculated risk decision. After all, it is your hard earned cash.

1) How Global Travel International Got Started

We turn back the clock all the way to 1994. There were two college roommates namely Randy Warren and Michael Gross set out to build a travel agency which was not restricted by geographic location or bound by typical overhead. Hence, Global Travel International was started.

They had a goal in which Global Travel International would market and distribute travel in a new global economy. By referring to their own press, Global Travel International is a 9 year-old licensed, bonded and accredited travel agency, and is endorsed by the world’s major airlines, hotel chain and travel suppliers.

2) Your Compensation Plan With GTI

You can start out in with Global Travel International by registering to be an Independent Travel Agent. What happens is that your commissions are paid to your based on travel packages reserved via GTI. This would amount to about 5-10% of the payout rate on hotels, car rentals, and so on.

Your commission checks are sent out once a month and paid to you on average 30 to 60 days after the date the travel once you have met the $50 minimum payout. It should be good because you are not only your clients with are getting a good deal with Global Travel International but also you get paid a cut.

3) Truth About Global Travel International Business Opportunity

There is one variable about this company though. You cannot really predict that you will get a very huge earning potential. Why? Its a general problem which is not just limited to Global Travel International. Fact is, most people book their own travels now.

You will find an abundance of travel websites online that travel agents are becoming an endangered species. Also, your chances of huge success would be to really latch on to the network marketing concept behind the Global Travel International residual income leverage.

So although the potential to make good income with Global Travel International is valid, you need to not only ensure large group bookings. But also ensure the agents enrolled under you are making good sales as well.

Final Tip

We know that Global Travel International continues to advertise discount benefits to encourage participation in their home based business opportunity. Truth is, even is you are interested your financial breakthrough is determined by being able to market online by getting targeted prospects.

The Marketing Technique Of Free Tips And How To Use It

Are you giving out free reports to your customers and clients? What kind of results are you getting from it? If you’re someone who isn’t tracking their sales and profits, then you won’t know what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll spend a lot of your time wasting money on techniques that aren’t even working for you.

Free tips can help you to gain more new customers in a hurry. This is similar to the free report method that I wrote about in a different article of mind. I believe that all business owners can use the free tips, and it’s something that you should put into action starting today.

Like I said, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in – you’ll make more money with the free tips method. Sure some businesses will probably do better if they ran free sample, free consultation, or free analysis of some sort, but the free tips method will definitely help you to bring in more sales and prospects for you.

Never delude yourself from thinking that you can’t use this technique to boost your business. If you’re a marketing consultant, you could offer free tips. If you’re a barber shop owner, offer some tips on how to keep their clean and in top shape. If you’re a pizza shop owner, you probably will better mailing out coupons instead of offering free tips, but I mentioned above that not all businesses will be able to use the free tips method.

If you’re someone who sells information products, the free tips method is your best friend. All you have to do is run an ad, offer a free report, mail out the free report along with your sales letter, and collect payment. It’s as simple as that. But to make it work, your ad has to be good enough to attract a lot of visitors to your 1-800 number or your website.

This is a strategy that will be here for the long term. I know for a fact that it still works well now, and that it will continue to work well for the near future. So be sure to get on this train to ride the beam of light into profitability. Don’t believe me? Simply give it a chance for yourself, and you’ll see how profitable these techniques really are.

Free tips can be a great way to gain new customers. All you need is a strong plan, a good product, and a good list to mail to. And if you’re doing lead generation advertising, more than likely the list that you have is up to date. So all that’s left to do now is to convert these leads into customers.

Be sure to use these tips to make as much money as possible in your business today. I’m confident that they will work for you, because they’re currently working for me as we speak. So put these tips into action right away – they are that powerful, and they won’t let you down.

Good luck with using these tips to make the most money in your business as possible.

Tips to Create a Customer List in Restaurant Business

In recent times the competition in restaurant business has grown at phenomenal rate. In fact, today the key to run a winning restaurant business and earning higher revenue is getting articulated towards customer-focused value propositions. Communicating effectively and offering best service to your customers have become more important. It’s not only how your restaurant look and feel matter, but how you make your customers happy and satisfied matters more. When customers have good time over-all, they will surely come back and may even take new friends or relatives with them.

Ultimately like any other business, offering best and effective customer service matters a lot in restaurant business as well. The three factors that affect the bottom line of your restaurant are the number of customers coming to the restaurant, regularity of the customers’ visits and amount of money customers spend per visit. Now, the question is- how many of us who are involved in restaurant business cares about maintaining a customer list.

Today maintaining a customer list in restaurant business has become very important. It is one of the golden keys to build a successful restaurant business in present scenario. It is an important item that can actually help you in keeping a close watch on growth of restaurant business and customers’ preferences. Every single name in your customer list can make a big difference, as you can contact them easily and may offer seasonal offer that may in turn motivate the customer refer other friends about your restaurant. Here are some simple ideas you can use to start or maintain a customer list for your business: 

Provide Incentives: People these days often hesitant to give their details and so they need compelling reasons to do so. You can easily overcome from this problem by offering incentives like “2 for 1 on Main Meals” or “Get a Free Appetizer” in exchange for their details. But before you do so, find out first what appeals most to your customers by asking them. 

Offer Gift Vouchers: At times, gift vouchers motivate your customers to pay you a visit even when they don’t really have immediate plans to dine out. When this happens, you can easily ask them to enroll their name and other details. Apart from this, by having joint ventures with other businesses that offer goods complementary to yours can be an ideal way to offer more free and attractive gift vouchers.

For example, if your restaurant attracts young or trendy professionals. You can have good contract with a nearest salon and thus may offer gift vouchers like, “free cut and blow dry for every color treatment” or “free manicure for every cut”. You can give away these gift vouchers to your customers and may easily ask them give their details to you. Thus in this simple way you can create new customers list and at the same time help the salon obtain new customers as well. 

Offer Fill-in details in Website: Just if you are one of those who have their own website then it is always better to have an opt-in section on home page to fill-in personal details along with email address. This simple yet effective step may help you make proper and increase sales. With this process, you can easily create an email list of customers. So you easily send your list messages announcing special offers, sales or monthly dish offer. Sometimes all it takes to get a customer to return is a reminder that your restaurant business exists and doing well with customer support. 

Train Your Staff to Ask: Train your staff on how to give away the gift vouchers and get your customers to fill out the forms with their information. Practice this procedure as much as possible. This technique can be very helpful if you do not have the resources to maintain a large email list. But you also need to respect their rights and honor if they do not want to share their details in your list. 

Apart from all this, you may even play your role smartly and can even apply another procedure to create customer list. Normally, when the customers finish their meal or dinner, they ask for the bill. Now being more creative, you can just stick filled-in leaflet over the bill so that the customer doesn’t miss seeing it. When the waiter comes over to give the bill to the customer, they can coax them filling out the form by enthusiastically elaborating what sort of wonderful offers the customers can look forward to if they join the list. 

These few steps can definitely help you in creating a customer list effectively. Your list of customers is the most valuable asset for restaurant business. These are the customers who can provide you with return business, which is more profitable than the first sale. Certainly it vital to get the most from your customer list. This is one of the most important methods you can use to increase the chances of your restaurant success.