The Best Honeymoon Destinations on the Planet

Your wedding day is usually considered as the happiest day of your life because this is the time that you officially tie the knot with your soul mate. So what better way to top off your wedding day than to fly away to your honeymoon destination? But for couples, picking the best honeymoon destination can be really hard, confusing and expensive. Couples usually have a hard time picking the best place to spend their honeymoon because of lack of knowledge of that place. Some like to spend it at home, some rent a hotel room, and others go out of town. But there are also some couples who go all out, and even spend more on their honeymoon rather than on the wedding itself.

Here are some of the best honeymoons destinations in the planet that you’d probably like to visit someday:

1. Bora Bora

Who doesn’t want to spend a honeymoon in the best beach in the world? Bora Bora is definitely the pinnacle of honeymoon destinations, since there is already a rising trend in beach weddings, couples decide to spend their honeymoon on the beach as well, and Bora Bora tops the list of the best beach honeymoon destination.

2. Jamaica

The streets of Jamaica are always filled with music and happy people, which is why honeymooners who come here, never want to leave. It’s not only the amazing beaches that lure people here, Jamaica has one of the most relaxing ambiences in the world and no doubt one of the best cuisines in the world too.

3. Egypt

Yes, Egypt makes the list since there is also a rising trend of couples who want to spend their honeymoon is some of the world’s best tourist destinations. Why not spend your honeymoon in the land of the Pharaohs? A honeymoon isn’t just an intimate night with your loved one, it is also a chance to enjoy and go bonding with that special someone in one of the most enchanting cities in the world, Egypt.

4. Paris

Of course, the most romantic city in the world should never be forgotten. The place just oozes with romance everywhere you go which is why it is still one of the best honeymoon destinations for newlyweds. Couples can have lunch at the Eiffel tower, visit the Louvre museum, and finally before ending the day, they can eat dinner at some of the many premier restaurants which serve authentic French cuisine.

Picking your honeymoon destination is critical since, this can also be the best night of your life. Try to do some research online, or ask other couples on how to pick the best place to spend with your loved one.

Cross-Cultural Competency

After waiting an hour in the heat of Libya’s sun, two American salesmen give up and return to their hotel angry and spitting insults at the government employees they were supposed to meet. They booked the next flight home and the massive deal came to nothing. The Libyan government never understood why the Americans had not turned up and the deal eventually went to a Turkish company.

In today’s global marketplace, the chances of losing business due to cultural misunderstandings run high. The above example perfectly illustrates how a lack of cross-cultural competency negatively impacts business abroad. Did the Americans not know that in Libya it is the norm to be late? Did the Libyans not realise that the Americans would have expected them on time? Both parties were at fault yet also blameless at the same time. A little cultural awareness would however have radically improved the outcome.

Culture can no longer be taken lightly by businesses. None of us are exempt from dealing with foreigners anymore. Our businesses and personal lives have become more unpredictable and to guarantee success we have to adapt. Let’s be clear culture is not just about how people shake hands and exchange business cards. You could memorise a book of do’s and don’ts for India and still experience confusion and difficulty working with the Indians. It is about learning to survive in the globalized maze of modern business.

The first step to cross-cultural competency is to rid oneself of assumptions, prejudices and stereotypes. Modern business calls for modern thinking; thinking where no one is at fault and where people have differing priorities and values. Accepting that we do things in different ways and adapting behaviours to this is 80% of the battle won.

Having said all this why do businesses nowadays not prioritise cross-cultural competency training? Part of the reason is that it is still seen as a soft-skill and not as important as hard-skills like engineering or IT. Whereas one can quantity whether they have learnt IT skills, how can a business quantify if an employee has become more culturally competent? Businesses favour measurable results, and in the case of cross-cultural competency the true value may not get quantified until too late, such as when two of their sales people walk away from an important meeting with the Libyan government!

Companies that incorporate cross-cultural competency into their core values always come out on top. Not only do they lower their risk of lost revenue, but they also gain a new set of strategies and a clear perspective of what is offered by other cultures. Globalization has completely reshaped the flow of information, goods and services and it is crucial to view the business world differently. Rather than view successful cultural skills only as a means to prevent lost revenue, smart decision makers and employers emphasize the personal benefits of cross-cultural competency.

Why the Folding Camp Tables Are a Must in Your Camping Checklist

Folding camp tables comprise of a collapsible table-surface and light-weight frame. The frame consists of two side rails which are spaced apart, two end rails that are spaced apart perpendicular to side rails, 2 pairs of spaced-apart legs, cross bars that can be removed & retained by the crossbar retainers which connects each of the legs, locking-supports that have an end attached to side-rail along with the other end fixed to the leg positioned normal to side-rail, hinging midway on every end of the rail & latching midway on every side rail. In fact the table-surface comprises of a compact, flexible material that have support members along the table’s length extending till the width of the table surface. In fact the folding camp tables were designed to be compact and lightweight that can be transported within a minimal space with considerable structural integrity and stability and are made of aluminum.

The most important thing that one needs to ensure to carry along while camping is the folding camp tables. Usually, the first-time campers become so eager that they do not picture themselves comfortably eating on camping grounds. If you are having a holiday in many of the pre designated camping grounds then it is not required that you carry the camping tables and chairs with you, as these places will have everything you might need. In such places, you can discover the various camping tables and stool already in its position. On the contrary, if you’re camping in any other settings, you need to take-along some kind of camping foldable tables. For example, you require a table that can hold many food items and platters. Along with this, you might also require tables that are stable enough to work on. In fact all the cooking tasks require a table for preparing food, dressing fish and meat.

On other hand, the folding camp tables aren’t meant for eating and cooking alone. Such tables are in fact great ones for playing cards and board games, while sitting and having a cup of tea under a starry night sky. The best solution for a sturdy table in a camping or picnic spot can be these portable camping tables. The greatest advantage of using the plastic and lightweight foldable camping tables is their capability to withstand almost everything that the weather tosses at you.

These foldable tables can be taken along while on a trip to the beach too. Camping tables comprise of aluminium and folding camp tables too. And they are available in several colors like black, green and so on. And even a sport lover, can take along a folding camp sport table to their camping site. So, now you would have got an idea about why these tables are necessary. If you like what you read go ahead and purchase one from the different camping table products available in the market.