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Is Sydney’s Bridge Climb the Ultimate Australian Adventure?

If you are into real spine chilling adventure, Sydney Australia’s famous Bridge Climb may seem a little tame. But if you love soft adventure with a lttle bit of heart pumping excitement, this could be just your ticket! However, it’s not for the fainthearted.

What is the experience like? I’ve done it and lived to tell the tale!

Picture this:

You’re standing right at the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge over 130 metres (400 feet) above the water. Down below the sails of the Opera House glisten in the afternoon sun and green and gold ferries leave white trails as they cross the broad harbour. In the distance you can see the “Heads” where the harbour meets the Pacific Ocean and to the west you can view the outline of the Blue Mountains.

Late in the afternoon and early evening is a special time. There’s something magical about watching the lights of the city come on as the day recedes. The dusk has an ethereal quality.

But whatever time you do the climb it leaves no one unaffected. It is an emotional experience.

How can you enjoy the experience? For starters if you experience fear of heights or are vertigo-prone this may be a terrifying experience and you should consider other options. But if you are reasonably fit, can climb stairs and have a sense of adventure, you’ll love it. It might even be the highlight of your Aussie travels!

To do the Bridge Climb, you’ll have to make a booking and arrange for a day or evening tour time. You then check in to the main office under the south portal of the bridge in Cumberland St, just a short walk from a historic area of Sydney known as “The Rocks”.

You are then given a comprehensive briefing and demonstration and asked about your current state of health. You will also wear a special “bridge suit” with safety harness which attaches to a cable for the entire climb route. All personal possessions including keys, coins, mobiles and cameras are stored in lockers. The reasons are obvious. Dropping your camera or mobile on a car speeding below can have disastrous consequences.

Before the climb, each group member is breathalysed, so save your celebrations until after the climb. Then the adventure begins. The first thing you will notice as you commence your climb, is the noise from all the vehicles as cars, trucks, trains and buses speed below you.

You will no doubt experience initial fear and wobbly legs as the first climb is very steep. But you have no need to worry. You are attached to the path railing by a safety harness, to avoid the risk of injury or death should you slip or stumble.

Time to enjoy the breathtaking views of the world’s most beautiful harbour. At the top of the “coathanger” you will stop for a group photo and have time to enjoy one of the best views in Australia. The sensation of seeing Sydney laid out beneath you is indescribable. Ferries ploughing through the harbour look like miniature bathtub toys.

Sadly, the descent then commences and all too soon, 3 hours later, you are back in the main office, sharing your adventure experiences and collecting your complimentary group photo and adventure certificate.

My Comments.

The bridge climb definitely ranks as one of my most unforgettable experiences, though I must admit it tested my spirit of adventure severely. However if you have a reasonable level of fitness (there are nearly 1450 steps!), this is a “must try” adventure. It could even be as they say in the brochure: “The climb of your life” The bridge climb is not cheap. However, if you are a visitor to Australia, this may be the only chance you will ever have to experience a unique Aussie adventure.

Bridge Climb is ranked in the Lonely Planet’s top 10 biggest adrenaline rush experiences. As an unknown traveller once said: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Weight Loss Is an Adventure Not Punishment

Most people feel that getting fit and becoming healthy is a punishment. For some, maybe it really is, however, weight loss can be an adventure. Not only an adventure in self-discovery but also a worldly adventure where you can see great things and experience something new. Most people do not realize the level of activity it takes to travel and visit other places, and do many of the things that the area has to offer. These adventures can aid in weight loss as well as a local cuisine of fresh foods, natural ingredients, and getting away from a box.

Most people think of weight loss as going to the gym five days a week and lifting weights or running on a treadmill. While this is a convenient way for people to get in their exercise, there are several adventures you can go on that will aid you in weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. When you visit a weight loss resort, they have several activities and adventures you can participate in that will not take place in a gym. Most places offer scenic hikes of the area, offer swimming at local area beaches or fancy pools, kayaking, biking, mountain climbing or skiing and snowboarding. These are all options that will help you in losing weight that are adventures of a lifetime you are not likely to forget.

While most people hate the taste of “diet food,” most do not realize that they can eat healthy food without being on a diet. Try some freshly caught fish from the area, try a lean chicken dish, or simply sample the vegetables that are native to the area. Healthy living does not have to mean you live in the gym and only eat diet food. While it is a known fact that boxed food is not good for you, eliminating it from your diet is not going to be the end of the world and is more than likely one of the quickest ways to lose weight.

The journey to finding your thinner self is more than an adventure of a lifetime. Many people learn a lot about themselves during their transformation. Making weight loss one of the most rewarding paths that anyone travels down. Self-discovery often comes once we are more able to do things that our extra baggage limited us from doing previously. It is a spiritual journey that we must all make to the path of our true selves and often we are better for it.

Weight loss can be an amazing adventure if you are simply open to trying new things. It is not a punishment that requires all of our time and dedication; however, it will be a long hard road to travel full of temptation and hard work. Simply remember that the journey is only going to be as hard as we make it. If you spend time teaching your children to be active and doing things such as bike riding, swimming and going out with friends for a nice dinner on the town, you can experience weight loss in a fun way. Visiting weight loss resorts is simply the first step in helping you get on the right path.