Making Sales Calls Pay for Small Business

Small business owners know that they have to be a jack-of-all-trades within their organization, and a master of at least a few. That can be a very difficult position for a small business owner to be in, because often their expertise is in whatever line of business they perform. And although they know their product or service well, believe in it, and are often its biggest champion, time, responsibilities, and other demands – like getting that product or service out the door – tend to keep them from being their own best sales people.

Sales Staffing in the Real World

This is where sales staff come in. In theory, it’s simple: hire excellent sales staff, train them up on the product or service being performed/delivered, and then unleash them on the world to bring in the clients and orders. Great theory, but in the “real” world that’s often not how it happens.

In the real world, sales staff require oversight. They need someone to keep them honest and efficient. Even the best of them need excellent tools to help communicate their efforts, successes, and failures, too, to you who are in charge. But you who are in charge are a busy person. So while you value and need that information, for both you and your sales staffs’ sake you need a good way to do that.

The Sales Call Software Challenge

Fortunately, today we live in the age of technology. So getting on board with a good software program for sales call reporting should make your life easy. Except, for small business owners, often they don’t. Small business owners frequently find that the amount of time it takes to train both themselves and their sales staff, maintain that training, and then access and make sense of the reporting consumes both man hours and money. Hours that you could be attending to your own duties; and hours that your sales staff could be out there selling. All of that aside, the sheer expense of these programs (which are frequently not really geared to small businesses, and thus not really ideal to begin with), is cost-prohibitive.

Sales Reporting Solutions for Small Businesses

This is where mobile apps come in. A big business with a sales force of hundreds might require something more high-end, but a small business is more likely to need something manageable, mobile, accessible, and efficient. Investing in the right software with just the features you do need, but that actually has the features you seek, is the only way to make both your sales staff and your software tracking system pay.

Take, for example, IHATECALLREPORTS available in the GooglePlay store. This app functions efficiently for both the sales representative and the owner. It is completely mobile, low-priced, and it delivers.

For the sales representative, there is a survey-format based call report that can be filled out in under two minutes, but that still targets all the most important information for the rep and for management. Its specific goal is to identify the high value accounts and initiate planning for the next step.

Management has access to this report and information, but also gets features like time-stamp auditing to see when calls are made and identify large gaps where representatives are perhaps not really doing all they say they are doing. In addition, there is a GPS audit function that makes it nearly impossible to fake a location, so you can be sure your reps were where they say they were.

Mobile Apps like these are doing a lot to fill the gaps in effective small business management software. They are putting reporting and tracking back in the hands of small business sales programs, and making it cost- and time-effective to do so. For small business owners, they are the solution for sales in the real world.